STEM Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine DIY Toy Gift Decor Collection


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Low Temperature Stirling Engine

Very fantastic craftsmanship, made with Metal Alloy
Being a Gift, or a Display on your desk or anywhere !

The hotter it gets, the faster it goes!
This low temperature stirling engine,
It run on warm / cold surface, and it requires a small difference in temperatures to run.

Item Name: Stirling Engine    
Size: 102 X 102 X 125mm
Material: Steel and Glass
Speed: up to 180-250 RPM
Start Temerature Difference: 20

Weight: 250g

This Low Temperature Stiring Engine could be a great gift for your friends or families.
It is almost ready to run: after the installation, put it on a cup of hot water, then it will run itself.

Can use pencil to lubricate all the connections,other oils are not recommended.

Package Included:
1 x Low Temperature Stirling Engine


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