KY-Z2 6CH Two-axis Brushless Helicopter RTF Support GPS Return One Key Take Off


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Product: RC Helicopter
Flight time: 20min
Signal distance: 1km
Flying speed: 40km/h
Body length: 53cm
Width: 50cm
Height: 19cm
Wireless remote control
Fixed height and fixed point
One key return
Return out of control
One key take off
Basic introduction:
Compared with the traditional quadcopter, the two-axis is more domineering and more attractive. The two-axis uses two motors as power. The noise will be lower than that of the four-axis and the battery life is longer.
Support 2-4S power, can forward and backward, fly left and right, turn left and right, you can choose to fly manually without GPS mode, this mode can be unlocked indoors or fly, you can turn on the barometer to assist fixed height hover, there is GPS mode in Outdoors can hover at a fixed point at a fixed height, and use GPS mode to automatically take off to a position of 2 meters in the air. Fixed hover waiting for your operation instructions. When you stop the control, the aircraft will automatically hover in the air at a fixed point and wait for your operation instructions. GPS is supported. Return to home by pressing the key to automatically return to the home position for automatic landing, support for out-of-control home return, and automatically return to the home position for landing, support fixed-point and fixed-altitude flight with a flight time of 20 minutes.
Helicopter Manual: click here
Note: The low voltage alarm is already built in
This transmitter is mode 2
Package Included:
1*KY-Z2 6CH Two-axis Brushless Helicopter
1*Remote control
1*4S 3500 High-rate Model Airplane Battery
1*3-4S High performance balance charger
1 Pair spare propeller
1*User manual

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