20W Folding Soft Solar Panel Solar Battery Charging Mobile Phone Charger


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Package Included:
1x Panel
3 x Ring bind
1x Clip cable
6x Mounting
1x Car charger
Maximum power (pmax) : 20W
Output: USb/DC
Open circuit voltage (VOC) : 14V
Size: 190 * 20 * 3 mm
Short circuit current (Isc) : 1.9a
Package size: 200*430*30mm
1. High efficiency, 25% conversion efficiency
2. Bendable, flexible solar panels can be bent 30-40 degrees and can be installed on curved surfaces.
3. Light weight, 80% lighter than glass solar panels, easy to carry, easy to transport and easy to install.
4.3mm thick, easy to install on the boat, yacht, caravan
5. Easy to install, easy to install glue, adhesive, screw, rope, zipper and corner rope ring.
6. Widely used, golf cart, yacht, yacht, caravan, electric car, tourist car, patrol car, roof, camping, roof power generation
Tents, portable bags, backpacks, portable generator sets, etc., output 18V, charging 3.7v lithium battery and 12V lead-acid battery

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